Speedrun Competition

The competition is over and the scores are being tallied! Thank you to those who participated. Results will be released soon!

Version 2.2!!!!

The game has been patched to include bugfixes, graphical/color changes, and speedrun mechanic improvements! Now you can get even fast times by stomping on Goombas, Sidesteppers, Tweeters, and Cheep Cheeps, as well as restart runs faster by pressing L and R! Download it below! Also, the competition end date has been moved to April 12th to compensate for the demo's update!

Get ready to take off running with the SMBCD Speedrun Competition!

The SMBCD Speedrun Competition Demo is two things in one! It's a demo for those who just want to try out the game, as well as a competition for those who want to speedrun the levels for a chance to become playtesters for development builds, or simply just want to speedrun the game!

The game has a built-in timer, so you don't need to worry about your own timers! The competition is split into three categories due to different control schemes, so be sure to mark which one you're using in your video title:

Hardware (SNES/SFC or FPGA Solutions)

Emulator using Keyboard

Emulator using Controller/Touch

Join our Discord to submit runs!*
*Do not submit runs using v1.3 and do not submit runs with the game display stretched to anything more than 4:3 or a square aspect ratio (8:7, 1:1, etc.), so runs submitted with the game in something like 16:9 are not accepted (your video size can be these sizes, just not the game).