Super Mario Bros. CD (SMBCD) is a rom hack of Super Mario World that is a "what if" of sorts for a SMB game on a CD based console! The CD based console in this situation is the FamicomCD, which is a fictional add-on for the Famicom/NES and is not the Super NES CD, which some people seem to mix up.

SMBCD utilizes the MSU-1 chip to deliver original and rich CD-quality music, fully animated cutscenes, and more complex environments, even on original hardware via the SD2SNES/FXPak Pro! SMBCD also heavily utilizes Mode 0 (a SNES background mode, akin to Mode 7) for its levels, providing more layers for foreground environments and background parallax. Mode 0 allows for 4 layers at once rather than the usual 2-3 layers found in SMW by using Mode 1, but it will cause all layers to be 2BPP or 4 colors per tile (this does not include sprite layers and they retain usage of 16 colors).


SMBCD takes place upon the small yet diverse Archipelago of Brixurei. One day, mysteriously, The Guardian of Brixurei — the primary source of protection and security for the archipelago — had gone mad, resulting in adverse weather and upset wildlife to run rampant. Locals were left baffled and worried. Those who left their towns to find out what was going on were never heard from since.

Amidst the chaos caused by the Guardian's sudden outburst, the locals called upon the one and only Mario Bros. to help them. As the Mushroom Kingdom wished farewells, Mario set off by boat towards the Archipelago of Brixurei, bringing Luigi along for the ride. In this journey, the brothers will also meet a new friendly face who will accompany them.

What to Expect

• 40+ interconnected levels helping to form a cohesive story

• An in-depth story that'll be told through cutscenes and levels as you progress.

• An entirely new soundtrack with city pop, and mid 80s vibes.

• A few new and original power-ups that will assist you in your journey.

• Many old and new, unfamiliar foes that will attempt to cut your journey short.

Not convinced? watch the trailer!